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We at Avans Linjärteknik are here to help you out with your questions and concerns. You can reach us by phone round the clock. If you want to come to our office in Västerås, we are available from Monday to Friday: between 8.00am and 04.00pm. You will find our contact details below.

Avans Linjärteknik’s staff in Sweden

Medarbetare Peter Holmkvist

Peter Holmkvist


021-18 40 70

Medarbetare Göran Högberg

Göran Högberg

Workshop / production

021-18 40 70

Medarbetare Joakim Lundekvist

Joakim Lundekvist

Workshop / production

021-18 40 70

Medarbetare Emelie Bengtsson

Emelie Bengtsson

Order / purchase

021-18 40 70

Avans Linjärteknik’s staff in Italy

We have a sales office in Italy to serve the Italian market. You will find the contact details of the staff below.

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