Ball bushings and steel axles

Using ball bushings and steel axles is a tried and tested technique for general purpose machines, special machines, jigs and specialist applications. With over thousand various combinations that are available, Bosch Rexroth linear ball bearings and axles can be put together to meet specific user requirements and applications. Products of this range offer a variety of uses, which can be tailored to your needs.

Ball bushings

Bosch Rexroth ball bushings are available in a whole host of designs: be it open or closed, standard or corrosion-resistant, with or without locking rings/seals, flanged or without flange. They show a temperature stability up to 200 degrees. Due to low noise, reduced friction and axle misalignment compensation, they also feature long life and excellent performance.

Visit Bosch Rexroth’s product pages for more details.

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